Dead Astronauts (Branding Take 2)

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This is the second run I've taken at branding for my band Dead Astronauts. I felt the overall branding needed a darker overtone to it. I'm happy with the final result overall. You can view the animation in action and join the Dead Astronauts fanpage etc. on our website Big thanks to all involved including Glenn Arthur, Pavel Paratov, Filip Komorowski, Paul Aspin & Delores Kyle.

Typo: Filip Komorowski & Jared K. Nickerson
Animation: Pavel Paratov
'Persephone' character created by: Glenn Arthur Jared K. Nickerson
Character sketch: Glenn Arthur

You can hear a sample of Dead Astronauts first demo "My Favorite Lover" over on SoundCloud
Production: Paul Aspin & Jared K. Nickerson
Lyrics & Vocals: Jared K Nickerson

You can watch the full animation at Dead Astronauts

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